I am accepting commissions on a limited basis. I am available primarily for graphic art, illustration, drawing, and painting. Some ways that my work may be used include (but are not limited to) book and magazine covers, album art, t-shirt design, website artwork, tattoo design, and video game art.

I will consider all offers, but I strongly encourage those interested in commissioning me for work to review my portfolios. Be aware of my style of work, and my preferred subject matter; horror, sci-fi, erotica, fantasy, and occult art. I am more likely to accept a commission if it relates to subjects I am interested in.

Pricing is dependent on the nature of the work. I will take into consideration how it relates to my interests, the complexity of the design, the amount of time required to execute the piece, and the intended use (private versus commercial). While not indicative of offers I may accept, examples of commissions I have accepted in the past include:

-11X14” Pencil Illustration, Erotic Nude, $100, private use

-11X14” Ink Graphic Art, Erotic Nude $250, private use

-11X14” Color Illustration, Album Art, $500, commercial use

-24X36” Painting, Horror Design, $600, private use

If interested, please provide a detail description of the work you wish to commission, the intended use for the piece, and your bid. Also, be aware that my existing work is available for use, with prices dependent on the intended application of the work.


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