Why Didn't I Get an Invite to Your Facebook Page?

This site launched on September 7th, 2018. At the time of this writing, roughly two weeks later, the site has had 83 unique visitors and the Facebook page has two followers. I am one of those two followers.

I am very okay with this.

One of my more lofty targets in this endeavor is to help other artists. Many of the blog posts I have scheduled focus on the process of creating art and managing the business of marketing that art. There is simply not enough information out there about strategies and processes for marketing your own art. Our modern communication methods provide a myriad of opportunities, yet many artists struggle to make something happen with their work.

So, 83 unique visitors in two weeks. The most interesting aspect of that number is that 76% of those folks came to the site by typing “https://artmonsteratx.com” into their address bar. They came directly. They did not click on a link in Facebook or anywhere else. While it doesn’t take a good deal of effort to copy-and-paste a link or type it in beyond simply clicking a link, the extra effort means something in our click-bate driven world.

That 76% didn’t just want to follow a link casually. They were interested enough in seeing the site to take a few extra steps.

That is what I am going for here. My last site I heavily promoted online. I opened page-after-page on various forums, often duplicating my entire portfolio in multiple venues in the hopes that people would go to my site. The facebook page for that site had several hundred followers, many of whom received a direct invite from myself. The numbers looked good, but they were artificial.

I had friends following me as a courtesy. They may have checked out the site once and then never again. That contributed to my reasons for walking away from having my own website in the first place; it seemed to make more sense to bring my art to the forums they were in rather than try to get them to come to me.

The question is, am I try to accumulate likes or sell art? Obviously, it is the latter. That being the case, bringing my art to a social media site and getting a like is counterproductive. 300 likes are not worth nearly as much as that one person who leaves the venue they saw me at and seeks out my site.

That one Facebook follower I have didn’t get an invite. He followed my page because he is interested in my work. He wants to know when to go to this site to see new work. That is precisely what I need.

As I mentioned, in my efforts to promote my last site, I duplicated my portfolio in other forums. That is not the case with Art Monster. My new rule-of-thumb is to post no more than five related images in any particular forum. If you want to see more work, new work, you have to come here.

The Art Monster Facebook page doesn’t even have pieces posted, just notifications that new stuff can be found here, because here is where I need your attention. The people that find this website are the ones truly interested in my work, possibly interested enough to buy a sticker, t-shirt, or commission an original piece.

The strategy I am employing here is to achieve natural, organic, meaningful numbers, not hollow stats that look good but are ultimately meaningless because they were artificial. To those who have found there way here, thank you. I am going to be doing some special things for you in the near future to reward your interest and support.

Stay tuned.