Why I Have a Patreon Account, and What You Get Out of It

Patreon is a forum through which creators of all stripes can get financial support from their patrons. Patrons pay for access to content they might not get anywhere else, like being a dues paying member of a club that in return provides benefits and privileges to its members.

A friend of mine brought the value of a site like Patreon home one day when I invited him to go out to a museum to see a collection of Goya’s prints with my kid and I. He didn’t know Goya’s work, so I showed him online. He then asked, “Why pay to go see it when I can see it online for free?”

I know. I know. The value of seeing art in person is a point for another day.

On my last site, I tired to post everything. This included scraps and sketches, and this was without the benefit of the kind of framework made available by Squarespace. It was ridiculously difficult to maintain. My friend’s point came back to me, why pay for any of it when all my visitors can see it all for free?

Patreon is for me a venue through which I can offer my patrons access “behind the curtain”. It is like joining a special club where your dues get you benefits and privileges. Patrons who subscribe to my page get to see projects in development, sketches I am working on, and even read my short stories I post occasionally. In addition, they are given first notice of newly posted merchandise at my shops, discounts, and member exclusives like special prints.

The show of financial support allows me to purchase more and better tools to make art, and more importantly to set aside time to be an artist. With the launch of Art Monster, I am doubling down on the Patreon account, posting more frequently and reworking the available rewards. This week, for example, my followers on Patreon have seen four new tattoo flash design sheets that will not be released until October. Art Monster shows the 24 most recent graphic and fine art pieces I have made available to the public. On Patreon, you get to see my entire portfolio.

If you dig what I do and want a deeper look, check out my Patreon account. A good chunk of it is free to the public, with only the “really good stuff” being exclusive to paying patrons. Every little bit helps, and if you are already reading my blogs then you must be a little interested in what I do (thank you for reading the blogs, by the way). Become on of my patrons, and help keep my particular brand of creative lunacy alive.