Closing My Big Cartel Shop, Re-Exploring Other Venues

I’m making some changes.

I have shifted between two methods in my on-line advertising; a focused effort with a goal of driving traffic to a small set of end-points, and a “shot-gun” method where I post stuff everywhere as much as possible. Years of trying out different venues and seeing the success or failure of each method has lead to what I consider a more refined approach. will continue to be where I publish the latest works. If you follow the site, then you will be privy to the newest stuff as I post it. That also means that you will be the first to know when new merchandise hits the Redbubble or Etsy shops (and technically where one would also go to see the newest stuff).

I have a self-imposed limit of 24 images per gallery here, simply for aesthetic reasons. As a result, older pieces are removed from the site and have been posted on the artmonsteratx Facebook page. I have decided to expand venues I present in with older works (with the hope of driving traffic here to see the new stuff). To that end, I have opened a Deviantart account, and will be exploring other familiar Internet haunts in due course. You may be seeing me on your favorite art sites soon.

I will also be expanding the venues where my merchandise is made available. The thinking here is that the venues I have selected each have their own communities of loyal shoppers. Redbubble has been my preferred “pay-to-print” shop due tot he options provided (like die-cut stickers), and the community their has embraced my works. The quality of the merchandise is marginally comparable to what I offer on Etsy (stickers bought directly from me through Etsy are better, IMO). I walked away from Cafe Press due to its image restrictions and limitations on product offerings, and Zazzle due tot he trouble I had with their interface. However, participation in those venues is free to the shop-owner and not having a shop their means not engaging those communities, so I am going back to those wells to try my luck again.

I have elected to close my Big Cartel shop. Unlike other venues, Big Cartel does not offer a buyer the option to browse shops and merchandise; you would find my shop through a direct link I posted somewhere else. I used Big Cartel exclusively for the sale of my original works, and feel I would be better served on Etsy where I have a following and my items can be found by casual shoppers.

Thanks to everyone that has continued to support me, regardless of your venue-of-choice. Just thought you might like a little “inside-baseball” information about what I am doing.