My Perspective on Commissions

I am going to try to be delicate about this. Clear but delicate.

I am available for commissions, but I am in no way obligated to do commissions. I will take all requests into consideration, but I may decline your offer. This, to some, may seem obvious, but in my experience that needs to be spelled out.

When you request a commission from me, you are not just commissioning a painting or illustration. You are commissioning a work of art by Jason Sorrell. I know that sounds pompous, so let me explain. The work I create will be something unique, something identifiable as one of my works. Whatever you request, I will try to make personal, I will strive to make it a “Jason Sorrell piece”. If I don’t feel I can do that, that I can make you a piece that is representative of the type of work I do, then I will encourage you to find an artist who does the kind of work you are seeking and politely pass on your offer.

With this in mind, the commissions I do accept are ones that allow me the creative liberty to make the piece my own. Again, if you commission a design from me, you are getting a Jason Sorrell piece. That means if you come to me for a logo and you have specific fonts, a particular graphic, colors in mind, etc, I am probably going to suggest a good graphics program with which you can assemble to logo yourself. I am going to ask you a lot of questions and offer you a lot of options right upfront, but once we pull the trigger and I start working, we are committed. The nature of the project may require some revision, but mostly I am looking for projects where you are commissioning a design by me and I have as much liberty as possible.

The projects I accept will kick ass. I will make those pieces my own.

Pricing will be determined before I start the piece, with 50% due upfront and 50% due upon completion of the project. Pricing is subjective. It is determined by the materials involved in creating the work, the amount of time I calculate it will require, the limitations you set on the design, the number of revisions we agree upon (if any), the intended use of the work (private vs. commercial), and (honestly) how interested I am in your project. The price I set for one project is not indicative of prices I will set for future projects.

I welcome and encourage everyone to contact me with their requests. I appreciate everyone’s interest, and will offer any suggestions I have if I am unable to take your commission. I am looking forward to making you some epic art.