If you live in Austin, TX, and want a copy of one of these flyers, you will be seeing them around for the next few months. I am going to limit the run of these flyers to just 99, even the ones I post will be signed and numbered (it will be like finding free “fine” art.

The other way to get a copy is to be a $5-a-month patron of my Patreon Account for a year. It is a great way to support what I do here, and every year I put out some prints exclusively (sort of) for my patrons.

The other thing I wanted to mention with this post is that this is the kind of thing I could do for you, for your band, for your venue, or for your home. This piece is a mix of traditional and digital art, and I can apply those techniques to make beautiful artworks and advertisements for you. Check out my Commissions Page if your interested.

Thanks for checking ART MONSTER out!